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  • Polka dots crapauds
    All these armchairs are available. They have been restaured in our workshop. We choose them because they are exclusive and original. Don't hesitate to contact us for price and information Tous ces fauteuils sont disponibles à la vente dans notre magasin. ils ony été restaurés dans nos ateliers. Nous les avons choisis car ce sont des modèles exclusifs et originaux. pour plus d'information ou connaître leur prix, contactez nous


  • Pink sky in Giens , Provence
    why not a pink world ??

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23 juillet 2007


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It's an interesting experience to return to childhoold places. Everything looked much smaller than I remembered it when I did it.


Dear Melenie,
You and your sister are lucky to have the chance to go with your Grandmother to see your roots. What a exciting adventure for everyone. Especially for your Grandmother to be able to share her life with you!

tongue in cheek

What a blessing to be able to go back and discover your roots.
You look very much like your Grandmother in this photo... Beautiful.

Pam Aries

THank you so much for visiting my blog! Your site is fabulous..and of course I LOVE French things! It is so interesting to see where you have been! Merci !


i am happy to have found your blog. i *love* these photos from algeria. the nostalgia is so very rich.

Donna O'Brien

Oh, your treaures!!!! How can you part with them?? I'm tempted, for sure!!
Donna O'Brien

Olivia Kroth

It is interesting to follow one's roots a few generations back to see where and how our ancestors lived.
So much of them is in us. I believe that we understand life better when we understand where we have come from.

With best regards to the "pied noir" in Provence.


Dear Melenie,

I have a big problem with finding the right fabrics for cushions on my sofas, I would appreciate your advice very much. I have Lelievre Diderot fabric, bleu, or, rouge stripes for curtains, solid velvets of the same colours, also Lelievre are used on my upholstery, a button tuffted sofa done in Languedoc fuchsia, Berry velvet, colour verveine on a loveseat that goes next to it, Rubelli's stravinsky multi stripes on two single chairs, all in one side of the salon, then Languedoc velvet, colour ciel done on another 3 seater and 2 seater with two chairs done in Tassinari, Cernuschi bleu, in the other side of the salon. Cernuschi bleu turned out to be the wrong thing to use but alas!
Now, my original idea was to use rouge, yellow and blue damasks and other classic fabrics all over the upholstery but nothing is working. I want to avoid using solids but cannot find any suitable multicolours to blend them in. Once, I had seen a hanger from SAT Creations lampas beautiful colours but that hanger is not available to me. I have visited lelievre again and again but have not found fabrics that I like enough to use or they turn out to be the wrong tints of colours.
I would appreciate your advice very much.
Thank you very much.


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Antiques In France

  • Rubelli suzani
    All these pieces of antiques are to sell . They are all original , if not it is written.Don't hesitate to contact Toutes ces antiquités sont à vendre dans nos magasins et show room et dans nos entrepots.
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