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  • Polka dots crapauds
    All these armchairs are available. They have been restaured in our workshop. We choose them because they are exclusive and original. Don't hesitate to contact us for price and information Tous ces fauteuils sont disponibles à la vente dans notre magasin. ils ony été restaurés dans nos ateliers. Nous les avons choisis car ce sont des modèles exclusifs et originaux. pour plus d'information ou connaître leur prix, contactez nous


  • Pink sky in Giens , Provence
    why not a pink world ??

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21 janvier 2011


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Pretty! We didn't get any :(


How beautiful a sight for sore eyes !
IT MAY snow in Florence ce soir !!! fay xx


Melanie, this is a gorgeous picture! As a postcard!
I hope everything is ok with Matthis and you!!
Have a wonderful weekend!


That is an exquisite photo Melanie! What a beautiful view. Give Mathis a kiss from me please.


aussi Il neige aujourd'hui ici dans le New Hampshire aux états-unis! La neige est belle! Profitez-en bien!

Beadboard UpCountry

Hi Melanie!!!!
I can believe it snowed there be cause it is flippin cold here in Paris!!!!!!!!I thought my ears were going to fall off!!!!!Miss you, will tell you all about it!Maryannexo

the paris apartment

So so so beautiful! Are you coming to the show in Paris?


I don't have free time tonight but I came across your blog on "Cote de Texas" blog lists. I cannot wait to come back. Your photos attracted me right away! See you soon! We spent time in Provence in the fall so memories keep nudging me to think about our wonderful time there.


Hi Melanie,
Beautiful. It reminds me of a scene from the movie "Chocolat" with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp. When Vianne and her daughter arrive in the village it's winter and it looks very much the same.
Thanks for stopping by at my virtual place.


Hello Melanie .. It might be White with snow, its a beautiful scene :-)

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Antiques In France

  • Rubelli suzani
    All these pieces of antiques are to sell . They are all original , if not it is written.Don't hesitate to contact Toutes ces antiquités sont à vendre dans nos magasins et show room et dans nos entrepots.
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